Friday, July 15, 2011

help me

Hey everyone!
As i look at my blog i wished i had more followers! please tell your friends about the blog even tell your enimies lets try to get to 50 followers please you are the onley people who can do this job im counting on you!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

everyones loved with pride

Ok so a few days ago i went to the gay pride parade (on pride day) and it was amazing.Although i saw a little too much skin that i wanted to i was inspired by everyone coming out and saying who they were and all the drag queens coming out with their beuty. people all over down town were cheering the happy spearits on holding signs saying ''i kiss girls and i like it'' or '' god love everyone nomatter who they love.'' although personly i am not a homosexual some people very close to me are and being there was a blast so what i want is every day to be pride day. people if you are different in some way i want you too yell it out loud and tell the world (and me by commenting) like i pretend that i sng in front of big crowds. so live out loud and have
 every day be pride day for everyone.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer fever

School will be out in just a few days. we all gotta work together to make this the best summer ever cause its the most important one. This means we totally get freedom to do what ever we want. In these last few days of elementry school do anything like wear somthing crazy, tell your crush you like him or totally be yourself and act crazy! Make it amazing cause the sun wont bring out everything (but it is amazing and brings out alot) so as the sun gets brighter i want you to also!